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Adding A Customized Look To Your Kitchen Using Kitchen Cabinet Doors

With the holidays quickly approaching (Even though it feels like we just celebrated last year!) you're probably looking for some unique gift ideas for those hard to shop for family and friends. With the current trends of the economy, people's loss of jobs and the same old items for sale at your local mall you might be trying to come up with some different concepts that will impress the one's you love while giving them something you know they'll use and love.

The smallest touches, such as spreading mayonnaise well from edge to edge of the bread, can mean the difference in making your food "pop" with your guests. People usually just slap the mayo in the center and are done with it. An even spread helps keep the taste consistent from bite to bite.

Much like other home organization projects, your kitchen organization involves throwing out a great deal of junk and other items you no longer use. If you come across any item at all that either is covered in dust or you can't remember yourself ever using, it is safe to say, and you can throw it away. This isn't limited to just your junk drawer, either. Throw away pots, pans, dishes and utensils if you no longer have a use for them.

Look through your herbs and spices the same way. These items tend to get overlooked and we forget they have expiration dates, too. If you don't see one, it's probably old! I buy most of mine at a farmer's market where they package their own. They are a fraction of the cost of the little jars in the grocery store. I also take my Sharpie and write what the herb or spice is in big letters on the side of the container. It makes it more visible and easier to access. I put them in alphabetical order so I know which stack to choose from. Because the cost is so inexpensive, I replace them every year.

Make a time line. This can be a part of your plan of attack. List which rooms you want to do next. Keep in mind though that if you're not motivated to organizing closets over organizing kitchen, you can change your list around. Clean whichever room that you're motivated to clean if you want to avoid a more challenging room for a while. You can have a list that has items as simple "organize your office," "organize your garage" or as detailed as "buy Kitchen Organizer," "sweep floor," "vacuum." Again, crossing items off a list keep you motivated and let you see how much progress you've made.

When you organize kitchen cabinets think about how much storage space do you need. Do you do small shops throughout the week or do you like to buy in bulk? This will affect the type of storage you need. At present I have the problem of too small storage jars for flour and breadcrumbs. This means I have half empty packets cluttering up my pantry and making a mess when I grab the wrong end of the bag! A stress creator? You bet! Get the right storage containers and this includes your microwave fridge or freezer. Using a small fridge and overloading it means your food will spoil before you get to use it!?

Before the 1970s, the average home cook could best be described as unadventurous. More often than not, the woman of the house would prepare the same meals her mother made. Meat loaf, casseroles, pot roast, and Rice Krispies Treats were all the rage. Then, along came Julia Child.

7) Office supplies. There are many baskets that make excellent organizers and holders for office supplies. From pen and pencil holders to those that are ideal for paper clips, sticky notes, and liquid paper there are many baskets that are almost ideal for a home office.

There you have it. Easy, Effective and Efficient tips on creating a kitchen you will love working and entertaining in. The key to kitchen organization is taking the time to do it.

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